Island Time

Greetings from the harsh northern wilderness! We've, tragically, been unable to cobble together a weekly comic in the midst of our foraging and fending off black bears. Rest assured, we'll be back up and running next week, provided we survive the elements. I mean, I've only had ice cream once so far. And we haven't even bought any fudge yet. I need at least 5 bricks if I'm going to last the winter.

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Dad bod

Happy Wednesday, doves. April is positively careening towards May, so we're firing on all cylinders to churn out the rest of the month's content (ugh, I hate that word). The funny thing is, we realized something about this job that would've made childhood Erin and Adam very happy. We realized that producing these weekly comics requires us to play current video games. Like, we need to purchase and play games to actually do our jobs and be relevant and all that nonsense. I mean, there's only so much mileage we can get out of the Mass Effect franchise (heads up new Mass Effect comic next week btw).

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Mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie

Welcome, one and all, to another Wednesday evening. Our fourth daily episode of The Great British Baking Show is just wrapping up. Adam's shading and filling and agonizing and rallying. I'm skyping color and garment samples to him whilst cobbling together this blog. All in a few days' work, right?

Oh, side note, we have a podcast now. Go here, if you'd like to hear us embarrass ourselves for an hour: TRICKSY WIZARD - SOUNDCLOUD

Anyway what were we talking about? Oh yeah, the comic.

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Sick flips, Tenno

Wednesday, Wednesday (Bah-da bah-da-da-da). So good to me.

Hi, gang! We're back on schedule with an all new, not cripplingly sad comic this week (seriously, my mom wouldn't talk about it, and one Redditor said it made them even more depressed). Yikes-o-rama. And here we thought people would empathize with Shy Guy's passion for me-time. Ah well, there's despair at the heart of every good joke, right? Probably? ...No?

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