What went we out into this wilderness to find?

A very spooky Wednesday to you, lovely comic enthusiasts!

First, I would like to kindly request that you drop whatever you're doing and go watch The Witch (or The VVITCH, if you prefer). Even if you've already seen it. Do it again now, okay? Or at least watch this TRAILER HERE.

We love this movie so much that this week's comic was a must. Also **SPOILERS** for The Witch.

Boy oh boy does the word "chilling" feel applicable. The Witch is one of the best horror films/films in general that I've ever seen. The best part is that it's multi-seasonal because it's got witches AND pilgrims! And we all know the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown is nowhere near as good as Great Pumpkin or Christmas. You can watch this nightmare instead! It's got everything you already knew you were afraid of, and a few things you'll realize you should've been WAY MORE afraid of. Like petting zoos. And twins. And Puritan Lysa Arryn.

Before we part, a question for Mr. Shyamalan:

Does Black Phillip's toast land butter side up or down?



May you always live deliciously,