It's Wednesday - Super Olympic Odyssey

Are you as taken with Mario Odyssey as we are? The game won't even release for a couple more weeks, but I think I've been singing exclusively Jump Up, Superstar since June. 

Think back to that first E3 trailer, though. Did you notice anything else underneath all that effortless whimsy? Something a little more sinister? Remember THIS? What about THIS? Aaaand THIS!

We were all on Twitter that day. We know the hat is pure evil:

Here's Erin

Here's Adam

Here's your sweet baby brother Griffin McElroy

This gem from Sam and Fuzzy

And, like, Nintendo is clearly covering for the hat

This game is Mario-does-Animorphs, but Mario is both the shape changer AND the Yeerks! Obviously we had to make a comic. Happy Wednesday! Check back in Saturday for a new tabletop character token!

Love u.