I'm so sad, so very, very sad

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Have you made it through your leftovers yet? We've made a valiant effort, but they just...keep...appearing. It's entirely possible I made a little too much food for Thanksgiving, but when brie is buy one get one free and the puff pastry already comes 2 to a pack, it's probably best to just make two of them, right? Who doesn't like cheese? And of course we needed the buffalo chicken dip appetizer, because it's not enough to eat just one bird. And, sure, we can make two soups. Bags of sweet potatoes were like $1 each. Let's do stuffed sweet potato jackets AND curry sweet potato bisque. Oh, and let's make falafel for no reason...

You get the idea. I must reek of first-timer stank.

Anyway, what's the deal with this comic? I dunno. The Phantom of the Opera is the OG sad-boy. Maybe he wouldn't have kidnapped Christine and burned down the opera house if he'd just had a local bar to frequent and bear his soul/vent. Makes you wonder what the Front Bottoms are capable of.

Then again maybe he would've done all that stuff anyway. I'd kind of like to believe he would. Because what's one, proud, priceless chandelier next to Nosferatu's latest free verse? What's the life of one nosy stagehand next to Skeletor's acoustic ballad? What's one, lonely girl's psyche next to the relentless march of the BLACK PARADE? 


This is ART, you savages. And these boys be sad!

Anyway the joke is that Phantom loves to break light fixtures. Like, it wasn't a one-time goof up. It's just his art. You probably got that.

Carry on, everyone. Carry on. Cause the world will never take your heart.