Fashionably Late: Anniversary Edition

Hello, everybody!

Excited for this week's update? We definitely are. This one has all the warmth and cuteness of Christmas whisked together with the crippling tether of anxiety that many of us know and none of us love.

But, here's the big but (here's the big but)...

Tomorrow is Wednesday (weekly release day), and it's also our wedding anniversary. We are out of town on a mini vacation. We haven't had one in so long that we decided (through a lot of panic and fretting over breaking the chain and disappointing people) that we'd have to push this week's release to Friday. We're sorry if this is a cause for sadness. Adam and I were sitting in our hotel room. He was frantically inking and coloring. We weren't really talking :(. Then we stopped and remembered that we only get one of these every year. And then we decided to go find some Christmas lights.

We'll see you this Friday with a slam-bang new comic update! Saturday's token will release on schedule. Love you!

Keep warm,