A winter's day in a deep and dark December...

Happy - er - Friday. 

Sorry about that, everybody. We were away experiencing the wonders of Bavaria (in Frankenmuth, Michigan). Anyway we're back with a new comic from our favorite series that doesn't involve the first British human specter (Yeah, buckle up kiddos. He's not forgotten.)

But to the matter at hand - don't you ever just want to stay home all the time? All these people want to go out, and be in groups, and be where its loud, and ask about your day, and ask about your five year plan, and talk about Game of Thrones even though you know they didn't read the books and they couldn't possibly fathom how good the story actually is, and they keep calling Beric Dondarrion "the fire sword guy".

Sorry, too much? I shouldn't have said anything. Now everybody probably thinks I'm an asshole and weird and smelly and a racist and a weird drunk. You guys ever worry about that? Being the weird drunk? That's, like, my big worry any time I go out.

Shy Guy has the right idea, though. All he wants for Christmas is Bing and Danny Kaye and a plate of sugar cookies. Right? There's no way there's anything worth going outside for. Nothing under the mistletoe. Nothing sitting by the couch. NO SIR. THIS IS EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED- NO YOU'RE CRYING! (*drunkenly sings Mickey Gilley's You Don't Know Me*)

Bah Humbug.

Hah Bumbug.

Yeah, that's the one.