Sick flips, Tenno

Wednesday, Wednesday (Bah-da bah-da-da-da). So good to me.

Hi, gang! We're back on schedule with an all new, not cripplingly sad comic this week (seriously, my mom wouldn't talk about it, and one Redditor said it made them even more depressed). Yikes-o-rama. And here we thought people would empathize with Shy Guy's passion for me-time. Ah well, there's despair at the heart of every good joke, right? Probably? ...No?

Let's shift gears. Y'all play Warframe? You should if you haven't. Some people whose names rhyme with Shmadam think its the only game to game anymore (says the lady that's played through the entire Mass Effect franchise at least five might be more).

Warframe really does have that special something, though. You know when a game just feels sublimely good. Like, the business and minutia feel good to execute, so they don't feel like business and minutia. That's a handy little trait for a free-to-play game. Don't feel like paying real human money for mods and prime schematics and such? NBD. Grind for it. Hate grinding? Not in Warframe you won't. It's Dragons Dogma-level fun combat without the bananas dumb damage system (Subtractive damage calculation is the pits.)

Anyway, I'm still working my way across the Heleus Cluster. Someone's gotta colonize that shit. Yes, I know Warframe is a better game. No, I don't know why I don't just play it instead. 


Lol, never mind. I totally know why.

Consider me hacked,

<3 Erin