Blog 1: Freshly painted sapphires

Hello, everybody! 

My name is Erin. I am one person in a two-person marriage/creative team named Tricksy Wizard (formerly Quadforcefive). My better half is Adam. He is great at drawing, particularly on his trusty Huion #NotSponsoredByHuion. We play video games and tabletop games, and then we make jokes. About 10% of the time we write those jokes into scripts, and then Adam draws them. So here's what's what:

Every Wednesday at noon we'll release a new comic strip on our front page. Please come visit, laugh at jokes, and share with people that also like jokes. 

Every Saturday we'll release one new tabletop token or map.

Starting in December 2017, we'll be releasing the first issue of our graphic novel, Wayfarers. This project will either be released in chapters bimonthly, or we'll add it to our weekly release schedule in individual pages. Check back in this December!

There's more! If you'd like to donate a dollar or two to our Patreon, there are lots of fun extra goodies in our reward tiers. We've got daily doodles, wallpapers, and more! If you don't have any wiggle room in your budget, but you like our stuff and want to help, no worries! Trust me, we've been there (still there). Just make sure to pass our site along to everybody you know!

Oh and do be sure to stop by the sapphire bushel before you leave! We've just finished drying a new batch, and we'd hate to see them go to waste ;)