Just like old times, Shepard

Nice to see you again, Wednesday! It feels like it's been a whole week. Two weeks even since we talked (since I couldn't be bothered to blog about last week's comic). This one deserves some words, though. After all, it's where we began.

Sure there were comics before him, and many after, but Lord Nigel Montgomery Shepard was the first joke that made us realize that we wanted to make these comics for a living. He gave us our first real taste of success. Nigel comics are the #1 request we get from you lot. So, when the first one did so well, we sold out and made two more. And now we're selling out again and making the 4th one. And it's only been *checks watch* four years! 

Whatever. No regrets, just love, right Katy?

What can one say about the first British specter? That he's incorrigible? Irresistible? That he's largely comprised of tea, porridge, and the mists of the moor? Yes. All of those things are true. Also, he's here to make the Reapers wish they'd stayed home with their nannies and their hobbyhorses. The fury of Her Majesty's space marines makes the destruction of Palaven look like a peddler's campfire.

That's the thing when it comes to saving the galaxy, you can be a squirrely rapscallion or a right proper chap, just so long as you never lose sight of what drives a man to glory:

Queen and Country.


Godspeed, you beautiful bastards,

<3 Erin