Sigh no more

Hello, everybody!

It's a very special day at TWHQ and around the world. It's a day to celebrate love and companionship, which is really the heart and soul of this whole operation. This week's upload's something a little different, but it made us feel things, so why not? That's what art's really for, anyway.

There'll be a new comic next Wednesday, and there'll still be the usual Saturday uploads to the token/map galleries. But this small sabbatical from the comic uploads promises something even more exciting just beyond the horizon. Well, at the end of the month anyway. We're taking this time not just to celebrate, but also to complete a project we've been promising from the beginning of this adventure. I check on our site analytics from time to time (obsessively on release days), and I've noticed a fair few of you click on the Wayfarers tab. It's had a "coming soon" placeholder post holding down the fort for months, but that's finally about to change. Check back in on February 28th (or very, VERY early in the morning on March 1st if things get stressful). Our misadventures in Mars space are about to take flight.

Hug your people, and kiss the one you love,