Cockles and Mussels

So this is what a milestone feels like.

The first pages of our graphic novel "Alive, Alive Oh!" are up on the site at last. Secretly they've been up for two days already, but that was back when we were calling the book by its working title "Wayfarers".

We're definitely not cool enough to pretend "Wayfarers" was always just the working title, though. We can admit that the little baby children that came up with that title were not reflective enough back then to examine if that name even made sense. Those rosy, little cherubs were also not nearly self aware enough to realize that many, many people on the planet are just like them and have similar ideas, so a one-word title about lost people would probably already be taken by another webcomic (so far we've found 4). We wanted everything, even the title to be perfect. This release feels like our kid's first day of school, since we've been working on this little bugger for about four years.

We'll be playing around with the release schedule in the coming months to see what works best. The current plan is to release 5-7 pages every month. If that doesn't work, we'll release a page every week. Let's give Plan A a go first, though.

Thank you for joining us on our maiden voyage to Mars and beyond.

<3 Erin