Springtime for Vay Hek

Spring in the mitten has certainly not yet sprung, but the you could say the grass is looking a little ... Grineer.



Warframe really is the gift that keeps on giving. It's one of the reasons we haven't caved and bought a Nintendo Switch yet. Wells Fargo is another reason (as referenced by last week's strip). Oberon is Adam's go-to frame for sure, and the Feyarch skin is my favorite when it comes to fashion frame. In case you were wondering, the Oberon in the comic is designed to match the primary color scheme of the one we use in game, so, you know, say hello if you see us prancing about the void. If the colors don't give it away, check for the Oberon with the fly-ass rapier.

I've got to admit it's sort of a miracle this comic happened this week. We've been watching so much Great British Baking Show that I see Swiss rolls and Italian merengue whenever I close my eyes. I'm dying to use Paul Hollywood's sterling mini hair skewers as a Mega Man spike trap or something. You know, take two media properties we love and just, sort of, infuse them. Like Winnie the Pooh and Game of Thrones. He-Man and D&D. Pistachio and rosewater. Earl grey and cardamom with mascarpone. Oh! Remember that one time when Nadiya made cream soda flavored cake with a prop soda can pouring fizzy-looking merengue over the layers? And remember when Nancy's candy windmill sails really turned on a candy hinge?! 

I've lost the topic again.

That probably means it's time for some shooty-bangs. Oh, look! Warframe!

Happy Wednesday,

<3 Erin