Island Time

Greetings from the harsh northern wilderness! We've, tragically, been unable to cobble together a weekly comic in the midst of our foraging and fending off black bears. Rest assured, we'll be back up and running next week, provided we survive the elements. I mean, I've only had ice cream once so far. And we haven't even bought any fudge yet. I need at least 5 bricks if I'm going to last the winter.

I suppose every state has their uniquely state-themed Disney World offering. Some of them have rollercoasters. Ours has bikes. Some of them have giant balls of yarn. Ours has a fort and multiple reminders of the real bummer that was the Jackson presidency. Also there's fudge. And ice cream with the fudge in it. And Petoskey stones tumbled and carved into every shape you can think of. Oh, and no cars anywhere. They're against the rules. Instead there are horses. More horses than people according to the 2010 census.

Michigan's entry for Epcot's American showcase is, of course, Mackinaw Island. Located 8 miles off the coast of the Lower Peninsula mainland, Mackinaw is one of the happiest, hoppin-est vacation spots in the state. Come here in the height of the summer season and the streets will be as packed as any average summer day on Disney's Main Street USA. We were crafty, though. May is still considered the low season for your average would-be-adventurors. We embrace the morning and evening chill, however, in the name of emptier streets and cheaper lodging. Also it's nice to bike around the island without, like 50 strangers around you because you probably haven't ridden a bike in five years, and your makeup is running because a bug flew in your eye and then in your mouth...


Anyway, maybe we'll fashion a comic out of our Northern Michigan adventures for next week. Who knows? Anything can happen in the woods...

<3 Erin

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