I want to believe

Here we are again, beautiful readers (or, Jerry. Hi Jerry).

Sorry this one didn't release with the comic at 1. I was snoozing, and my better half forgot to wake me up. I crossed that woeful threshold where a power nap becomes a second sleep. Or a second dream.


Uggggh. Jerry, that was the kind of nap that makes you feel hungover. Maybe you don't get those. I think I've always been nap-broken. And now I'm trapped in this bit where I'm blogging like Dale Cooper and you're my Diane. Like, I don't think we're actually going to escape this bit, so this is just the blog now.

So, this comic was based on a Patreon warmup sketch from earlier this week. This police chief is already snuggled into the cozy nucleus of our hearts. We love Chief Smitty so much that we're probably just going to put him in everything. There's room in "Alive, Alive Oh!" for a paranoid conspiracy theorist/space cop(?), right? And now every character token can just be Smitty in Renfaire costumes? And there can be a map that is Smitty? Like, his face?




Well, no, but we should at least do his local town map with highlighted potential hell mouth openings. The Mayor is holding his blood feast potluck once a week, that's a certainty. And Smitty's gonna catch him red handed (red handed because...vampires....ugh, Jerry I'm so tired). The community center was a bust, but Smitty will expose this vampire scum, and he doesn't care how many cigars and doughnuts he has to inhale to do it.

Next week will probably be another Dragon Age comic. We know. We can't stop thinking of them. And I can't stop playing it. Maybe we'll throw caution to the winds and buy the new Pillars of Eternity or something? Or we'll try and milk the God of War hype train a little more? I don't know, Jerry. What do you think? It's just us here, after all. What are you playing these days?

That's all for now. I really do mean it. This is probably the blog forever.

Talk soon,