Everything's Karaokay

I'm 13 episodes in, and I'm pretty sure Star Trek Voyager is not as good as Next Gen and DS9. But the Beowulf holodek episode is really fun. You guys remember when they couldn't replicate new lungs for Neelix because it was too complex but then the next episode they replicated brain tissue and then resurrected a dead alien from a race Voyager'd never even encountered before?

Also, Divinity: Original Sin is a blast if you love tabletop games. You can play solo or with a friend. You make characters and run around a world full of whacky NPCs that all talk like your dungeon master doing his best Sean Connery. Five minutes into the game and Adam was all, "Okay, this is gonna be a fucking blast." I completely agreed, and bonus for me because narrative driven western roleplaying games with character creators are my personal favorite. It's so cool that we get to play one together, a rare thing in the age of all this always-online-daily-login-bonus-exclusively-online-multiplayer nonsense. So, you know, expect a comic somewhere down the road.

This week's comic, for anyone that does not understand the reference, features the music of Norwegian one-hit-wonder A-Ha. The song, Take On Me, was released in 1985 on the album Hunting High and Low. The song quickly rose through the billboard hot 100 to number one, making A-Ha the first Norwegian band to accomplish the feat.

Anyway that should do it. You now understand the joke.


Also on an unrelated note, some unused sprites from the Pokemon Gold and Silver beta got leaked and one of them was a very weird Ditto evolution.

That's all for now. Remember to hydrate,