Hello!  We hope your August is positively spiffing. New AAO is a week away, and we are absolutely, for sure, 100% calm about that. We hope you enjoy the new chapter teaser/cover page. We had so much fun designing it.

We have an announcement pertaining to the weekly comic that sounds big, but really nothing is changing.  

We're moving Wednesday comic uploads to Thursdays starting this week. Since we typically release in the wee hours of Thursday morning, this really isn't a change. We just decided to publicly acknowledge that two days between AAO and a comic upload isn't enough time to get things done consistently. We'd rather you read our comics in the light of day.

Don't worry though, night owls! The comics are going to be posted between 12 and 3 a.m. every Thursday morning, so if you're used to waiting up for us, you still totally can. Like I said, nothing's really changing, we just decided to stop pretending we release these on Wednesdays.

Thank you as always. We love you to pieces.

<3 TW