Scheduling Update: Kitty Edition

Hi, all! Just in case you didn't see our updates on social media, we've been dealing with a pretty dramatic kitty emergency this past week. 

Our boy Guthrey got himself into a pretty bad digestive mess, and the situation went from bad to deadly in the span of an afternoon. Our life and work got put on hold to make certain he was taken care of. 


We were so hoping to have two more comics out in April and a podcast (with two more in the following two weeks), but after this  near-CATastrophe  we had to push things back again. We're really sorry the podcast and comic will be a day late. We're still on track to get podcasts and comics caught up in May, we just weren't able to do it as fast as we hoped.

On the plus side, we are bursting at the seams with new scripts, and we think you're going to like our new upload schedule we've been working on. It involves some new long-form comic series as well as a return to form for AAO. We'll post another update/podcast about that once the new comic is up!

Thanks so much for your continued support.  We can't wait to show you what we've been up to!

<3 TW