Good and Evil and Boxing


This is the hauntingly beautiful true story of one man, a dream, and five musical geniuses in color-coded ties. My good friend Tony actually received this marvelous gift (among others, each more luxurious than the last) for being one of the first 500 people to pre-order the brilliant band Tally Hall's second album, Good & Evil, which you seriously should have purchased by now, and if you haven't I am very disappointed in you on a deep personal level. 
As you may have noticed, Tony came in 444th place out of the initial 500. You might think this isn't very impressive, but then again I don't see a trophy in your hands, so maybe you should just keep that tone to yourself. Use your good words. 
You may also have noticed that this trophy implies that owning and appreciating this band's music requires a certain level of boxing prowess. Fear not, however, as this is not the case. ...It's just music.